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Wedding seed packets
Seed packet templates

Seed Packets

Our promotional flower seed packets make fantastic wedding favors!
Free and printable seed packets

Promotional Seed Packets

Looking for that perfect promotional giveaway for your next trade show? Our seed packets symbolize a truly multi-generational handout.

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Blank seed packets

Flower Seed Packets

Did you know that our wild flower seed packet wedding favors are one of the most sought after items in our daily inventory?
Free seed packets

Seed Packet Wedding Favors

"Your flower seed packet wedding favors were truly stunning and inexpensive..."

Chris H. (New York)

Free and printable flower seed packets
Picture of seed packets
 Seed Packet Templates...
are ready to ship in almost 40 different varieties. In addition to our stock inventory, we can custom create templates for your seed
packets as necessary.
 Personalized Seed Packets...

could make the difference between a ho-hum bridal shower and one that holds special meaning to all of those involved.

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 Vintage Seed Packets...
Our vintage collectible seed packets can be customized to match your shower, party, or event needs.

Help us customize your seed packet experience, please share with us your zip code below.

 Seed Packet Favors...
Seed packet favors Seed packet baby shower favors often come in flower seed varieties. Our flower seed packet wedding favors may be priced cheap; however, don't judge the quality on their inexpensive price tag. Normally, you wouldn't think of something like seed packets as an antique. While we do not currently stock actual antique seed packets, we do have partners that do.

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